June 27, 2004

it's over now...

I never actually thought I'd ever appreciate a seat so much. or a bed. just not standing. I can't move the tiniest bit anymore - 12 hours standing and walking with occasionaly sitting is just too long.

after the parade work just never seemed to stop. and then home, short shower, change and off to gianna nannini. wich was bellissimo by the way. then back to wuk in a train that was bursting with people - mostly drunk teenagers.. yuck. couldn't we just ban them from the city? ;)

I don't remember what I ate or drank and I'm not even sure about what I did all day, all I know is that right now I am eating choco pops, my ears are hurting like hell, and half of my body feels paralysed.

what I don't know is, how it can take such an effort to move 100 meters! cause at the moment lifting a spoon is endless effort even... hope I can make it the two meters to my bed. if not.. well.. yeah

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