July 15, 2004

shit... how could I be bored all day if my flat is a mess? pippo will be here any minute! I just stepped out of the shower, am shoveling wake-up-potion down my throat - headache, be gone! please.. that pain is killing me. before sunrise starts in half an hour on tv. all my dishes are still in the dishwasher - at least they're clean. the flat is dark because I did not manage to pull up the whats-it-called? anyway curtains everything. it's dark. full stop. and senta wants another walk and I can't go because what if he arrives the moment senta and I turned round the corner?... aaaaaaaaaaaah. she's barking. my head!!!!
I want my life back! 8-p


Anonymous said...

"You were for me that night
everything I always dreamt of in life
I just want another try.
Even if it doesn't seem quite right
One single night with you, little Jesse,
is worth a thousand with anybody."
(July Delpy, "A Waltz for a Night" from BEFORE SUNSET)

I think Celine and Jesse/July Delpy and Ethan Hawke are the most romantic movie couple of the past ten years. Thank you, Andi, for the nice evening yesterday.


_mcCutcheon said...

gosh.. I just love that song... :) thanks, darling!