July 26, 2004

sometimes I think that I'm in hell, and sometimes ... I'm pretty sure about it ;)

And my bitter pill to swallow is the silence that I keep / it poisons me I can't swim free the river is too deep

I haven't listened to the Indigo Girls for what seems like ages.
momentary Playlist:
1. Ghost
2. Closer to fine
3. Mystery
4. All that we let in
5. Come on home
6. Fill it up again
7. Perfect World
8. Deconstruction
9. She's saving me

After the concert - and fighting with my mum and everything - I joined her and some very old "friends" of ours for some drinks at their place. they are the parents of the guy who used to be my best friend when we were 8, we haven't met them in a looooong time whatever... anyway: we were talking and somehow I mentioned the story where someone hit me with the door in "Tunnel" - oh don't ask - but this was the day of the rainbow-ball so I also mentioned my fear of going to the ball with a black eye. and this 50-something father of my old friend (who wasn't present today) said: "are you one of those homos? never would've put you down as one." 8-)

I could just barely avoid bursting into a neverending laugh and mumbled something like "uhm,.. half of me". and the funny thing is: I have this very convincing feeling that his own son might be gay! LOL

days so still the beauty gives you pain /the heatwave kills the green / and she remains unseen / the colors of my dreams with all things blooming

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