August 20, 2004

just because ...

goddamnitI'moutofsmokes! I'm so desperate, I just rolled a cigarette with the tobacco I had left from rolling, that was about well nothing. and now I'm smoking a cigarette that's only slightly thicker than a needle! yeah... you can safely call me desperate.. and no, I can't go out and get a new packet because I've got loads of henna on my head and if I take it off now it'll have no effect at all.

going to show my parents the hopefully-soon-to-be-mine flat today.

invited to a party... no idea if I should go. ex-bf is going to be there and I was actually pretty happy with not seeing his face for a year. new mantra if I go: not gonna punch him. not gonna punch him. not gonna punch him. hehe. he's an asshole, but hey, that's not news.
it's going to be weird anyway, with new discovered sexuality bla bla and all. I don't even know what to talk about with those people. after all I do live a totally different life from theirs, a different world. always have just didn't realise it for 14 months. what the heck... could be fun, laughing inside because I so pity them and then going to dance to NOT with pippo... mhhh.. yeah sounds like a good night out ...

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