August 04, 2004

shit. I think I've got a version of A.D.D. *lol* just wanted to check back on, as I haven't for weeks, and only a shooooort visit was planned but somehow I got into the SFU recaps and I lost about one hour I should have spent on reading papers, papers, papers. the austrian Standard of about a week, german Zeit, Profil-magazine and the electronic NYT. I'll never know everything until... uhm tomorrow 7:30. aaaaaaaaaah, can I please just panic a bit right now?

spent yesterday with reading as well. took me at least two hours to read the Times. why in hell does it have to have 79 pages?? how do you americans do that every day??? basically spent the whole day reading. watched some german romantic drama at prime time and waited for SFU at 10pm. mmmmmmmh... brenda... I think I fell in lust again :D

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