May 25, 2005

tonight. sucks. big. time.

why do you have to decide between two places? why can't you go there first (everyone leaves by midnight anyway...) and later go to FC with me? it's not like you have to get up tomorrow morning. holiday, remember? and in fact I'm the one having to study. but nevermind.

what annoys me is not (and can not be) the fact that it always takes you ages to decide what you want to do at night (which is always short notice for me but I am trying hard to accept that). maybe what annoys me is the fact that I always have to tune in to your schedule. and let me tell you: it sucks.

I know that it is so unfair to rub this in and I'm probably sorry already, but excuse me: you're not working yet, you're not studying anymore, and still you can not adjust to my schedule???


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