June 23, 2005

coincidence? scary.

Imagine running around all day with one line of a poem in your head. A poem you have written somewhere sometime, quite some time ago. And then you get home, and you skim through the file where you keep your poems and after about 3 or 4 clicks you find it. and read it. and then you look at the date and see that it carries the date of exactly 5 years ago. Not +/- some days. no, at the bottom of the poem it says train venezia-vienna 2000-06-23. it's odd so you go to your calendar to check today's date and it's 2005-06-23.

black mirror
silent wings of the night
covering, breathtaking
darkness around me
shut my mouth,
shut my joy and my life
close your fingers around my neck

meaningless words
saving my heart
transparent angels
walking around
is this joy, is this life, is this now, is this death?

silent, protecting wings
of the blackbirds singing at night.

(c) ophelia

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