June 01, 2005


AfterEllen.com - Don�t Quote Me! (page 2)

found this over at afterellen.com and am especially fond of the following sentences ;)

" There’s really not that much space between the rails that mark comments made by Jessica Simpson and those made by our not-so-great but powerful leader George W. Bush.

Poor Jess, the concept of an unexpressed thought is foreign to her. And President Bush? Let’s just say that if a reporter from Access Hollywood were to corner him on the White House lawn and ask his honest opinion of The L Word and Queer as Folk, he’d probably say something like, “Gay men are promisculess and lesbians do nothing to fertilizate the popularity of the country.”

Give that man a gold Rolodex when he retires! He deserves it."

god bless america... or rather those girls at afterellen :)

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