June 14, 2005

reflect me!

went running for more than an hour and it felt damn good.
cause with the exclusion of some stupid blokes staring at my breasts again (I told one of 'em off today, I think he was scared. how good! lol) it was just me and the music. and I had to think of "what women want" again... that slogan... no games. just sports. Love that.

so obviously I did not study for friday's horror exam. it's not like I can pass it anyway! mediamanagement-grades are still not available and I am gettting a little grumpy about it. I'd like to know if it's 2+ exams to retake in fall or only 1+.
I read a bit for tomorrow's exam. though only a little as writing and the style of it is a very subjective thing anyway. the interview I did today went well (I am sooo out of routine.

oooh, and after a good run nothing's better than a shower with an ice-cold finish, eating a healthy salad and watching stargate SG1. at the moment anything and everything is better than studying for uni :D and of course I was obliged to drool over my favourite major/colonel carter ;)

that's it. I'm off to bed. gaaaaaaaaaah! exam at 9am

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R. U. Serious said...

I learned about the cold shower thing reading James Bond novels in high school. Believe it or not.