June 05, 2005

time to review, baby!

as promised here are my reviews of two evenings spent at the identities queer film festival.

first of all: D.E.B.S.

unfortunately my review consists mostly of droooooooooling. Jordana Brewster is my new personal super hero.
see my point? she's georgeous.

other than that the movie itself was hilarious. movies like batman and charlie's angels were quoted - pure parody. sometimes even too much. in the movie-discussion afterwards someone wondered if lesbians in America are having sex with their clothes on and damnit she was right: they were fucking PG-13-style...
but overall a witty, funny, sexy movie. and I firmly decided on not going back to a reality were ms brewster is straight - nanananananaaaaaaa *plugs ears*

today: My summer of Love
very British, very secluded coming of age story. very sweet, but also dark and sometimes brutal. it's probably a coming of age movie that you will "know" already - seen one, seen all of them. but it was still a nice one.

and then: Where's the sex on screen? (short film night, women only) well, let me tell you: it was there. the sex. definitely. sometimes slighty disturbing. that's cause anal fisting scenes like in Airport always kinda disturb me... yuck.
I really liked Selma & Sofie, a Swedish short with a lot of sex in the pool or in the shower - there was water! A lot of it. very sweet "should I tell my boyfriend that I'd rather keep on fucking this woman than to fuck him?"-type of story.
Exit. two girls & a flat. A lazy day in. But I can not remember anything else about this one but the fact that I liked it a lot. Maybe it's not necessary to remember much else anyway...
Phineas slipped offered finest gender bending. goddamnit, they definitely fooled me sometimes!
Matzo Maidels - I really had to pee (yeah, I know, dumb) so I went outside for a couple of minutes. which turned out to be a big mistake because when I came back I happened to hear the last couple of sentences, one of which went something like "I like your breasts. Their firm, just like I like my matzes." should have stayed for the piece on jewish lesbian love.
But I then got to see something very very amusing: Is your wife a secret lesbian? fifties style, not-so-desperate housewives having fun. and the conclusion: dump the husband ;)
and at the end: Kaltes klares Wasser. hm... video clip style. listen to the song (chicks on speed) and you'll know the movie, at least that's what I think.

well well, what a long post.
so long, and thanks for all the fish!


starK said...

There is a new movie coming out called "My summer of love." You can check it out on www.focusfeatures.com . It looks like a really good movie...I think you would enjoy it. I don't think it's out yet...but it might be?? Check it out!


starK said...

LOL...I see, I was too caught up on the pic of Jordana Brewster...sorry ;)