July 20, 2005

'tis my duty to blog!

life is good once again. like a year ago things just slided into perspective and decided to go all happy-go-lucky-good *knocksonwood*. the flat-search was taken over by the parents (which is an extremely nice and adorable thing to do, methinks). the job-situation has resolved into.. well, stress. but hey, that's how I work! my boss from last year called and offered me a job. so now I'm some kind of a PA and I have to organise stuff really well for the first time in my life. but I decided to succeed and not fail at all. so now's the time to start believing in myself. and it probably was about time too, if you know what I mean. The fact, that I also have a nighttime job for the next two weeks and have to hand in an essay in 2 weeks time from now, doesn't exactly make me rejoice, but hell... I'll manage. and if I'm all done with work, then I'll have a wonderful month off in september before I take up uni again. and that will be an earned holiday. and, if I'm lucky, it will already be a month of indian summer - which is about the only summer my body can endure and also the most beautiful part of summer, I think. And if everything goes well, then I will be able to share it.

That said I think this summer rawks! Indeeeeeed :)

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