August 23, 2005

ah, what bliss!

alone time is good time. I forgot. I totally forgot how nice it can be to spend some time alone. Admittedly my flat looks worse when I'm there alone, but that's a cost I am prepared to pay. After all, the chaos is removable :)

And I finally got to go for a drink with lisa last night. But we both started yawning like crazy people by 10 p.m. - having 3 months off from uni can be a drag! and I am not kidding about this, I am still incredibly knackered constantly.

Today's basically my last day at work, project done, only a couple of small things to be done. and although this makes me incredibly happy, I'll be walking out of there with mixed feelings. I like working, I really do.. it's just really exhausting. and finishing work just means getting myself together so I do not lose my energy, finding a flat, moving and I will barely be able to calm down before university starts again in October. If I'm lucky I'm going to be able to sneak away from it all for a couple of days. If not I will have to find a way to recharge otherwise. Maybe turn my mobile off for a couple of days, go for walks and stuff. We'll see. For a beginning listening to Rebekka Bakken does help. And I have to revive my friendships, because I was not myself that last month with the job and all... and I miss Sarah incredibly :( I tried to call her mum, to ask when she will be back but no one picked up the phone. damn.. she really should be back any time soon now..

Dear blog, that was me again, your owner, in case you forgot you even had one!

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