September 29, 2005

All my bags are packed ...

Yes, the room is indeed very empty now. and I'm in transition again, more than ever. more things will be gone tomorrow. and on saturday. and on saturday I'll be gone. and back with my parents. and stuff keeps happening, like university courses appearing where I could've sworn they were not scheduled. So I can't be here when the moving van comes.. or I'll have to skip school, which I don't want to do right at the beginning. but then again, don't I have to be here when my stuff leaves? as in, don't I need that? for the feeling? saying goodbye? but I'll still have the keys for another week so I could come by when it's really empty. I'll just not see it being disassembled while I assembled it with my own hands a year ago ... doesn't one need to see things disintegrate to realise the full effect?

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