September 14, 2005

morning has broken (quite some time ago but nevermind)

>>Who is teaching kids to be gamblers
Life is a coin toss
And of course what you give up is what you gain
The philosophy of loss<<

hello, ms emily saliers, you got to me.
I'm up so early, earlier than it is my habit. the alarm would've gone off at 8:30 and while I'd usually kill it at exactly that time and take another half hour nap, today I killed it before it rang and got up at half past 7 (after being awake and trying to get back to sleep for 15 minutes). I simply realised that I wasn't tired anymore. And now I'm actually enjoying being up so early. Loads of time, no need to hurry, I can get stuff done and still have my breakfast lazily in front of the tv-set. I can listen to indigo girls songs first thing in the day. I can do sit-ups and push-ups and attend to my shoulder (which hurts like hell lately). and I can be immensly happy, because in about one month's time I'll be living in my new flat. and happiness and relief are just faint descriptions of what I was feeling last night when the message came that we got the flat.

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