October 07, 2005

and so it is

just like you said it should be?

Life goes easy on me
Most of the time

I just crashed for two hours. I usually do not sleep in afternoons, so if I do it means I was exhausted enough tp basically pass out mid-day. which I rarely am. but I just driiiifted off...

Probably because I don't sleep much. I am super stressed and off balance. school started and I haven't really, like properly, realised it yet. and it looks like this term is gonna be tough. I don't have internet access on my computer and my mum's computer is so incredibly slow. I basically annoy the hell out of myself and if it weren't for a handful of people, I'd probably freak. Show the world the finger and walk away fast. I hate to live but not live here at the same time. I'm in my parent's flat, the place I grew up in and yet I am only a guest here. Mind you, it is nice. We get along most of the time, they totally accept and love my gf and I do have my own room and stuff. But I just don't have all my stuff, like I can't access my ellen cds when I want to because they're somewhere in one of many boxes that are currently somewhere in a storage which is... well, somewhere. And I don't have a shelf in the bathroom anymore but am currently keeping my stuff in a big turquoise box. I guess I'm just majorly off balance. And I guess I'll have to settle for that for a while and not turn koo-koo.

p.s.: I'm changing tuesdays for thursdays. much nicer. :)
p.p.s.: I still don't like dentists, but boy, with a proper shot the world is all happy-go-lucky (that is till the effect abates).

1 comment:

memyselfandi said...

of big turquoise boxes, proper shots and...

the possibility of allmost always keeping those ears stiff...-

I KNOW Y O U therefore, I know you´ll make it!

p.s.: just besides: you´ll get your stuff back right in time...I mean, just before you freak out...and I know what I´m talking...√§hm writing about *s*

p.p.s.: hope so...´cause: yes it is! *g*