October 18, 2005

stray cats

Today people were telling me things I did not ask them to tell me. Running? So you're all manageresque now. You've become homely. Huh? What? You don't even go out anymore.

Well maybe, dear people, maybe you have not considered that I might like it that way. Maybe I disagree. Maybe I think that actually I am the one more active. But I am positive that you have not thought about all this.

I have not changed. It's just that She has brought out again the person in me that I always was. The one who's hyperactive, the one who can jump around like a rubber ball. The one who walks fast and wakes early. The one who goes running after a long day of sitting behind desks and in front of computers, because if she doesn't she might go crazy.

I've lost that person years ago and I'm happy to have her back. I feel a lot better now. Like nothing can stop me. I feel like I can do anything and everything I want. I still like lazy Saturdays in bed in front of the TV - and I can have them if I want. But I also like to study and to work. I don't mind doing double shifts sometimes and occasionally I do wake before the alarm goes off - be it five a.m. or nine. And though I complain about the stress I'm in, I picked it myself and I could change it if I really wanted to. But right now I am fine with running. I've found my rythm and so it's all good. That doesn't make me boring, just well oiled.

And if I don't go out anymore it's not because I've gone wifey and don't have and I anymore, but because I don't need the going out to be happy. Why should I be fleeing into loud evenings with drinks if I have found some inner peace without it. I don't need to stray, looking for something, inter alia because I've found Her. You're only mistaking boring for content. Also going out like a madwoman costs a lot of money. Money that I don't have. So instead of being out just because, I only go for it when it's worth it. Worth the money. But above all when it's worth the people.

I guess this is what one would call having a life. So... who's the boring one now?

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