November 30, 2005

sick sick sick sick & crazy

I'm sick. finally. I've been getting sick for over a week now, totally expecting my body to keep going if not until christmas then at least till the weekend. but nope, body has decided not to do me that bloody damn favour. so now, after weeks and weeks of germs being expectorated and thrown right at me from all around me and me not faltering at all, my throat is now scratchy and my brain is itchy (and I've watched to much simpsons... nevermind).

I have to keep going until saturday and even if I put off homework I've got to go to school these next two days, even if I have to crawl there - and I will. me and my body, we will do this. crashing is delayed till saturday. I will stuff myself with aspirinC, ascorbic ascid and chicken soup, I will eat more salad and oranges and apples and muesli (I know, it's cereals, but the word muesli looks much cooler, doesn't it?) than ever and maybe, just maybe, I hopefully will manage to be up and running again on monday. other than that I will listen to dolly parton a lot, because her voice is just the coolest and does me good at the moment. and I'll listen to christmas songs with my sweetheart and hold her when this week is finally over and she's heading home.

so, body, here's the deal: you get all the good stuff: cereals, veggies, muesli and vitamines. I grant you at least 6 hours of sleep per night, ok, seven. and no going out or drinking or very-bad-food. no occasional smokes, no alcohol. and a little fresh air once in a while.

and in return you will get me through this. you will accept the good stuff I'm offering you and use it to get us through this.

thank you.

your inhabitant.

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