December 10, 2005

clean, that's what it is.

after a day of working hard this flat is clean. we can finally settle down properly. bed coming next saturday and all will be fine. last night some souls have been tidied up too. and now we're fine and we will be better still.

and: I ate chocolate and lived to tell about it :) yep, I can eat again! yay!

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Anonymous said...

Yawn!!! I'm so sleeeeeeeepy!! My cold has gone but I'm still deaf on my right ear! Kinda funny keep losing my balance, sprained my left hand so I can only type with one hand, had to hand in an essay today didn't sleep have to hand in an essay on thrusday probably won't sleep. But I'm home on the 20 till the 31st. Got lots to chat about and I shall see you then.

See you later from "up here" + it's fooking freeeeeezing!

N. x