January 10, 2006

coming out

I like Jenny Schecter. Yes, I mean it, I like this very strong new version of Jenny, the one that speaks not slowly but lowly, and strongly emphasises words like 'subservient'.
I can't cope with an Alice that goes nuts, but I adore Helena for I can love her for that accent, and finally like her for how she is. and shane can so not act straight. or maybe kate moennig can not act shane acting straight, I don't know. Must be weird to be straight, play a gay role and then in that role act straight. but then again, I still refuse to believe that kate moennig is straight, so duh.

I love the tegan & sara theme underlying most part of the episode and I can live (barely) with the betty theme.

in one word (or five):
the L word is back

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