January 07, 2006

i had something to blog

but that was while I was half asleep so naturally by now I have forgotten. it was something about studying in the night, because that's what I did last night til 3 a.m. I think I was thinking about how studying at night makes the day maybe not longer but more useful, I study til 3, I sleep til 11, I can have fun and be lazy all day (were tv is much better than at night) without even so much as a hint of a bad conscience, and if necessary I can study again in the evening. at least that's how I used to work. but now, how should I stay up studying if this wonderful woman is asleep in a bed just 3 feet away from me, gone to bed early because she has to work and because she's one of those people who go to bed early, and I really want to cuddle up to her? Still, I stayed put and I got so much done... it's amazing how the night brings out my concentration and strong will. night owl. löwenzahn. Well, I think I did remember now. so long, and thanks for all the fish.


Anonymous said...

You do know what fish means in the british terms?

N. X

_mcCutcheon said...

huh? no. but let me guess... it's something either gross or sexual or both?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Hit the nail on the head!

It means FANNY!!!

N. x

_mcCutcheon said...

fanny? call it what it is, and it is a cunt LOL

oh and btw, go read your douglas adams, girl ;)