January 01, 2006

like a dog unleashed

I went for a run today and damn did I run. I ran as if my life was at stake. not speedwise, not fast. just at that certain speed that powers you out and yet gives you a shitload of energy, the pace where you can think through the music and in sync with the rhythm of your footsteps that melt away on the thin layer of freshly fallen snow. it kept on snowing during my little outing and I enjoyed breathing through the flakes, not once tripping although the ground at times made it feel like running upwards on a kiddie slide with wet shoes on. Now I feel like I have finally been unleashed after days of being locked in. With christmas, and new year's eve, and having to study, I just didn't have the time & patience to get out. And I really do like this weather, I just don't like that it has the power to keep me from moving when I need it. Makes me unhappy, makes me grumpy, and it makes me look like a lazy orange house cat.


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_mcCutcheon said...

lazy orange house cat, a-hörnchen - all the same anyway, cause all yours :)