January 13, 2006

out of sight

last night. my glasses broke. not the glass itself but the frame. and I swear I didn't do anything! just sitting there, studying for today's exam and suddenly they felt loose. so today I go to have my optician have a look it and he's gone! gone-gone. closed down-gone. He's been my optician for about 17 years, since I had my very first glasses and he just closed down, like that, without even telling me and I went there just shortly before christmas. I mean, I knew business wasn't going too well for him, but he could have at least told his long-term customers I guess. and not just disappear, without even so much as a note in the empty and dusty shop window.

I have a new optician now. he's a little down the road from my old one. he really got into gear immediately, organizing a new frame for me and he's really nice, so I guess I'll stay with him. After all he'll get me my beloved frame and even told the company who makes it to send it fast without me giving back the broken one (because, seriously, I can't see shit without my them). I cellotaped the old frame and the new one will be here in a week latest. So the new optician is cool, and he's also one of those hip metrosexual ones with leather boots, long hair and designer glasses himself (actually quite a funny sight) and I'd rather go to him before I go to one of those huge shops where I'm just a number (yeah, I'm that old fashioned), but I'm still very much in shock about my lifelong optician simply disappearing.

plus: my exam was scheduled for 1.5 hours. I handed it in after 30 minutes.

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