February 09, 2006

I believe now. I do.

so. i wanted to post. days ago. and today. but what?
maybe that on my way home I went and bought bread, I payed for it, and then I left it there. and I'm probably going to be late, well it's pretty obvious that I'm (going to be) late and I hate it. no pain, but no blood either. I never ever wanted to bleed so desperately.

maybe that I am so glad that You're feeling better, and that I'm so fucking greatful for all that we have. so glad that we have found a solution so easily and effortlessly in the end, one that we both are so happy with. and one that we are soooo married with :)

maybe I wanted to post that I am really looking forward to our holiday, even if so much still has to be done until tomorrow. our first holiday, my lovely wife.

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