March 29, 2006


think outside of the box. you can do it.


SoulChoppa said...

...I do!
I really love your blog...I've found it because I listen to and love Gianna Nannini..and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind and...a lot of things that you do.
It's great to have so many things in common with a person that you don't know yet.
I would like you to read what I write everyday, but it's done in I don't think you'd understand.... so sorry.
...i'm a bee with a deadly sting....

Anonymous said...

we don´t have to do the things
the way we know
just because we only know
the way we now

greetings from our frozen stars

Anonymous said...

...and jet we do

greetings from walking fish