March 06, 2006


ok. I'm angry.

#1 I know that probably everyone goes nuts after the oscars but this time, for the first time ever, I really cared about one of the nominated movies. because ang lee has done a terrific job this time, with brokeback mountain outstanding even his other movies (which were great as well). and comes this damn jury and gives three oscars to memoirs of a geisha and crash each. to be fair and honest I haven't seen either of them (I know, I should probably keep my mouth shut then, but I have to rant somwhere) BUT as far as I've heard and read (which was a lot) the geisha movie was not even worth mentioning (esp. in comparison to the book), and crash sounds a LOT like robert altman's short cuts spiced up with a bit of paul thomas anderson's magnolia. so tell me, where is the outstanding achievement in that? short cuts was brilliant (plus it has lili taylor in it ;) so do I need a fake of it? don't get me wrong, I'll go and see crash and if I have to revise my opinion I will do so. but for now I feel it's a huge injustice that ang lee has gotten only one oscar (especially after being a nominee before and not getting any award at all).

#2 can the press please please stop referring to brokeback mountain as a a "Schwuler Western" - "gay western" - cause that's so not what it is. more than anything it is about people and about time and about how both of that changes and how circumstances get altered and still opinions stay so much the same. it's about living how you want and about how culture can keep you from it and the price which that freedom comes with. brokeback mountain is even a lot more than that, but you can not break it down to a gay western. cause that's not what it is.


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