April 10, 2006

| the butchies

I'm on holiday. and I officially feel like it.
even though I'm helping with the spring cleaning and studying and working for the essay thingy. I'm fine, actually. and looking forward to the sarah bettens concert next weekend :)

come on, come on, it's not like you enjoy it
don't wait for somebody to tell you
you don't know a thing about my life
you don't know a fucking thing


SoulChoppa said...

I hate Easter Holidays, they're so sad. I don't hang lights on the walls, I don't put a tree in the middle of my living room, hoping that my rabbit won't bite it.
It's a dark holiday.
The only think I love is painting the eggs. And chocolate.
But I'm not religious, even if I believe in God (perhaps), so Easter doesn't make any sense to me. Hope you had fun at the concert.

Anonymous said...

... you really didn^t learn no other expletives -in all these years?! Yeah, I still watch the course of your red-trouserd-dance, my long lost dear.

Greetings from the bottom,
talking butterfly

_mcCutcheon said...

huh? cryptic. reveal.