April 16, 2006

fast car

I dreamt weird stuff: and ani couldn't stand me and someone I neither knew well nor liked died.

conclusion: I should definitely not eat a carload of spareribs at 10 pm, that's for sure. But I loved working the last two days, and having a bit of change in my life through that. working with my parents was fine actually, and I had a rally nice chit chat with my dad yesterday when we where sharing the spare ribs at the pub. everyone else was chatting away so we talked about my mum very quietly, and I realised he does care a lot. can't believe we are actually getting along so well lately (don't wanna jinx it though), but maybe we both grew up. will see...

oh and I'm tired (doggie woke me at exactly 9:00 a.m. - she's got a clock inside, I swear!), and lazy and I don't quite get my computer anymore with all the different settings it has and the very little data it knows (including the absence of music on it).

edit: it is quite fast though. I just realised. nice!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

chuffed that you find a way to your father at least.
pleased that you regognized him caring for your little family.

Greeting from your flickering star