April 21, 2006

(not) only when I sleep

it seems I've been running all night long. at least finn says that my feet have been moving throughout the night. which of course would be the perfect explanation for why I slept horrific lately and mostly wake up more shattered than I went to bed. hence I shall do something against that and take a run in broad daylight. watch me do it.

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Anonymous said...

i once pictuered you dancing the night away, drinking to much, fuming to much and suffering on your yearnings. i held on your warmth and allurement i saw in you at this moment.
i once pictured you with that crazy hat on your hair, shivering from the cold and looking at me. i held on the messages, i thought we were sharing at this moment.
think, i should have pictured you more often, maybe more continiously, cause my pictures of you broke and we will never be the same.
In these times, i can´t picture you anymore, but be sure that i´m watching out for you.
in my mind i see you running and running and running, feeling strong, feeling spurred, impelled by your thoughts, but not caring about the direction.
Greetings from your hurting shoe