June 10, 2006

animal instinct

wow. what a rampage!
and I really, thoroughly & utterly enjoyed the outlet.

yes, of course I'd have preferred watching this movie in peace with my girlfriend, hearing everything and enjoying a lovely saturday romantic date. BUT, as fate would have it, we had to talk some sense into 3 pubescent teenage girls who felt they had nothing else to do but to ruin the movie for everyone who paid 7€ to see it. OK, we lost those 7 Euros, twice. Makes 14. But still... we can rent the dvd, or even buy it (cause it's such a cute film anyway - I suppose, from what I could actually see) and we would probably have done that anyway.

What I gained is myself, I've set the code back to being_active = true. I've enabled it again, and I've knowingly and willingly unleashed my strongest power. And now that I have it back I will continue to deploy it. Like I said: watch me ravage.

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