September 06, 2006

two times testing

Dear amazon just brought us the new Rebekka Bakken album I keep my cool and finally also Jewel's latest piece Goodbye Alice in Wonderland. I'm through with the Bakken album and just started with Jewel's (of which I have heard one or two songs before) and already I know that I'm gonna like Goodbye Alice way better than Rebekka Bakken trying so hard to hang with the cool kids. it's almost painful... she's kinda lost her verve while Jewel has gotten hers back.

I keep my cool is some mockingly short 39 minutes long and so undecided. did she have to go all r'n'b? it's not exactly that her songs are bad, it's just that they're extreeemely boring. she still got that voice that makes me all goosebumpy, for instance with the track welcome home - but not because of the song, just because of her voice. but it's all so... "rhythmy", so on-beat, so fucking light hearted and romantic - all the time! to be fair it does get better after the first five tracks. hard to be a loser finally comes with some of that longing that is not completely cheesy. Not that you're crying isn't a beautiful love song, and also it's not as "common" as welcome home is. And you bring new stars does sound a wee bit like the old rebekka bakken again (it reminds me somewhat of beloved), also it's the last track so maybe that's as much a positive outlook to the next album as I want it to be. But just listen to welcome me, worriless, sister or daylight is short in fall, not to mention nowhere (which is just brilliant). That was a unique style that wasn't completely crowded with canned sounding background music and a lot of show-off. that was just her voice and her musicians - and I loved it.

So I'm off to see what Jewel has to offer...

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