November 03, 2006

being sick

it sucks.
I have basically been sick for almost two weeks now. It started on a weekend, went away on tuesday, came back thursday night with a fever and now (another week later) I am still coughing my way through this city. Luckily I didn't have uni for quite a while, so I'm in no trouble attendance-wise, but hey, I can not do this anymore! I've practically been grazing the thyme bush in our herb garden, I've had so much sage tea I'm cleansed like never before. I'm basically eating pills and syrups in chunks (trust me I've tried without conventional medicine - that's when I came back with the fever), I've been taking it slow - but nothing's helping. And I need/want to be in uni tomorrow, as we're doing campaign management, which is too interesting to miss.

sooooo... dear sickness, shut up! that's who I am.

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