January 04, 2007

a lot of notes

how to procrastinate?
that's easy.

I managed to bring at least three different approaches to use today - and it's only three p.m.!
I got up early. note: eight is early enough to justify the "I have indeed gotten up this morning, so I cannot be at fault for not studying". I went to get my last advice for my training schedule at shinergy and proceded to go to the morning pilates course. note: it is not a good idea to do some training and then go on to do an hour of killer pilates. my left leg somehow ended up feeling dead as does the rest of my body.

so once home (post some grocery shopping that just HAD to be done) I of course had to get a shower AND start a machine of washing AND check my emails AND get the most relevant administrative things done (only the most relevant, of course). I was about to start on my CV for the fake job interview on monday when I realised I couldn't find the material. But as I was already hungry by that time I squeezed a quick lunch into 45 minutes of an E.R. season 5 episode and justified another half episode by hanging the washing up with my eyes firmly on the screen. By now I have found the sheets I need for my job interview prep but I also needed coffee, so I made myself a delicious cup of spicey latte. doesn't take long, but I felt I needed to blog about it and here I am with my pure procrastination technique. I typed too fast, it's only 3:20 now. darn.

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