January 22, 2007

once upon & long ago

there used to be a time when I cut down on the coffee. well, that was a long time ago. but sleep-deprived people are entitled to coffee, I think. mostly I can't bring myself to drink that crappy red bull stuff. that's reserved for moments of utter desperation. finn seems to be able to drink it though... *uch*

I should study, but somehow my head is still stuck with the information it had to make stick for this morning's exam. the next one's tomorrow late afternoon. not that that is the end... how could it be. thursday brings another one. and I can't keep any more in that ol'n'used head.

All I want to do is cook, listen to music and write nice stuff. stuff that actually makes me happy and not stuff about radio and multimedia and the EU. I've had it.

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