June 05, 2007

fruitless futile shit

I want some proper video editing software. I'd crack, I'd hack, I'd even bribe... I'd do anything, but unfortunately nothing runs on my machine cuz the cute little thing will only remember 512 mb. I like avid - my computer doesn't, not even AvidFreeDV. I like premiere - again: computer! I REFUSE to edit with pinnacle *ick* and everything else I've tried (free software and stuff) is either crap or not what I need... GNAAAAAAH!

so anyone willing to donate a G4 to my lousy little self - feel free to do so... gf not included cuz that would be my own money too, naturally.

speaking of money and how to deal with it in a (lesbian) relationship, I discovered quite a fun podcast that deals with that topic in extensio in its last-to-recent episode. it's long but nice. they cover other stuff too... like "toys for twats". lol

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