July 23, 2007

I suck, I'm sorry

I'm back from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but now I started rereading the whole series from book 1 to try and catch all the clues. also the rest of what little energy I seem to have these days gets sucked by this horribly warm weather, I don't function in heat, and I end up catching up on everwood, which I have finally found all seasons of.

I'm socially below average right now, my brain is horribly slow (again, the heat, plus I'm not really using it a lot right now) I don't get anything done at all (not even blogging, which I happen to like) and my gf is starting to get annoyed by this behavior, I think. I'm positive though that come August I will be back to my old energized self because then I'll be working at a newspaper and be making much more of what little free time I have - as I usually do when I'm on a stricter timetable. stress helps me get things done, I get energy from it, everything will be fine. until then I apologise to everyone whom my slowness might disturb. I am really, truly sorry, and trust me: I annoy myself too.

P.S. I could try to get myself moving my going to training sessions but unfortunately my ankle still hurts like hell.


LG said...

Wait, what did you do to your ankle again?

I know what you mean about feeling slow/sluggish ... I've felt a little funkish myself. Thankfully the only ones who have to put up with it are the cats, and they don't care so long as I'm not remiss in feeding them.

mcCutcheon said...

I twisted it. without actually making a movement, just by standing. yeah, that's as dumb as it sounds, but you can trust me to be capable of these things. anyhow, part of my bone apparently got torn out by sticking to the adjoining sinew so they had to push it back in.. kinda gross, and painful. now I'm waiting for it to grow back onto the rest of the bone. too much information, I hope not? ;)