August 30, 2007

idiots inc.

I hate newspaper economics departments. they're so crazy about not plugging companies they completely miss the good stuff. so they've decided to write only very little about what I think is a great environmental protection program issued by a company and an NGO together, because they think it's just the new PR-thing that companies are going to do and they don't want to encourage that. but they obviously have no problem writing about the same shit every day, about every tiny little evolvement in a stupid lawsuit that no one wants to hear about anymore. for fuck's sake it's your frickin' environment too!

PLUS: the guy in my room at work who came back from his holiday is a mouth breather. he breathes loudly. I think I'm going to punch him.


finn said...

hard. and in the face! with your elbow. just like we learnt from coach D.!!!
love ya, don't get yourself worked up, only one day to go.

ritu said...

mouth breather hmmm must have learnt some breathing techniques.. after you learn them, even when you breath from your nose sounds like you breathing from your mouth heh heh.. can you imagine if all of us in the world learnt these breathing techniques?? it would get a bit noisey eh?

mcCutcheon said...

no no no, I actually SAW him breathing through his mouth. he's not the thinnest either so maybe that's ways.

oh, and a couple of minutes after my post he had gone on to flossing. Yes, while sitting in his chair at his desk in the office in front of his computer - he was flossing.

LG said...

well, at least he has healthy teeth. try not to smack him in the mouth.