August 13, 2007

what interferes with blogging

I wanted to blog a lot last week but then I ended up spending almost a day at the hospital. I was about to blog about my then upcoming hair appointment when I experienced a sharp pain in my tummy. EVERYWHERE in my tummy. So I called my dad, he drove me to my physician who sent me to the hospital to get everything checked out. Turns out my bloodwork is fine and after they'd given me some medicine I felt way better again. I even kept my appointment at the hairdresser (it's only slightly shorter now, but it looks a lot more like my head again and rather less like a mop). But as they couldn't find anything in my blood (thank god, cuz that rules out awful things like pancreatitis and such) I have to have a coloscopy. Which I am seriously freaked out about... seriously. It's scary.

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LG said...

Holy shit ... glad you're okay! Keep us posted.