September 20, 2007

bloody traitor

every month my body plays a trick on me. and every single month do I fall for it. about a week before my period I'll start feeling sick. but I don't usually get sick. of course by the time I remember that it's just my period doing this to me I have already panicked ("I-cant-be-sick-right-now!") and/or ingested numerous more or less foul-tasting remedies to kill the germs before they can even manifest.

the same is going on today. but considering that finn is now in the coughing stage of her cold, considering that I am hopelessly under-relaxed and over-stressed, considering we still can't turn the heating on and most of all considering that I haven't been sleeping well and am now awake to finish this reading and excerpting a book... considering all that I shall swallow my pharmaceutical pride and have an aspirin and two aspro before I go to bed (I didn't even say "go to sleep" now) and right now I'm having ginger tea with lemon juice and honey. anything to not fall sick.

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