September 28, 2007

somebody save me

I'm bored. m last day at work and nothing to do. And I'm through all the x-men issues I brought with me today. *yawn*

Also I don't have a clue yet on what I will write for ether this month and I can't do any research because you can't actually reach anyone official in austria on a friday afternoon. bollocks.

on monday I start my next internship. tv this time. To be honest I am not too thrilled. I fear I won't be doing much work, but only looking on. which is fine for the beginning, but if I have to do that for four whole months then watch me quit. yeah, I'm a quitter, I admit it. always have been. but we'll see. maybe it will be great. maybe.

I'll blog the pumpkin muffin recipe over at food for thought and then it's back to sweet nothingness *yawn*


Shazza said...

McC - what are you studying exactly if I may ask?

mcCutcheon said...

I'm majoring in journalism with a minor in media management. this is my last year, so besides writing my thesis I have to get 15 weeks of practice under my belt.