November 02, 2007

playing tag

I got caught. Apparently if you get tagged you gotta continue the meme. That means you have to write 10 random and/or weird things about yourself and list the 5 people you're going to tag and a reason why you're tagging them. Well, Thomas tagged me.

Since I'm weird and random by nature this shouldn't be a problem for me. And also, I'm gonna tag you HAR HAR HAR. OK, end of evil laugh...

1. I have a hoodie that reads "Goldfish Memory" and this is what descr

2. I have a couple of neurotic ticks. They come and go, and it's not like I'm next Adrian Monk, but there's just a couple of weird things I do to keep everything from going bad. Oh, and I totally know that that's nuts.

3. When I came out to my parents my mum seriously asked me if I was gonna get a sex change too. WTF!?

4. I consider myself a (half-)geek, but I'm really really bad with video games. Maybe that's cause I never had any when I was a kid. But a controller totally asks too much of me today. So donate me a console and let me get some practice ;)

5. I suck at drawing. Once while playing Activity charades I had to draw a horse. Not only didn't anyone guess it, they threw around suggestions like "a table!" "no, it's a chair!" "a table with a tail?"

6. My parents didn't let me watch much television when I was a kid, so I ended up being a big ol' TV addict. Well done, mum and dad!

7. My friends make fun of me because I like to cook. But I'm good at cooking so they usually shut up quite quickly - as soon as I put food on the table.

8. I can't carry a tune if it's that time of the month. I usually try anyway.

9. When I was younger I wanted to become a singer or an actor. I can sometimes be caught humming while walking on the street. I sincerely hope no one hears me. And also I couldn't act my way out of a box.

10. I'm a klutz. Show me a thing that I haven't walked into - and I'll walk into it.

Yet I'm really good at walking through the packed inner city of Vienna really fast dodging all those trudging people. Actually I make a game of it. When I found out that finn does that too I totally fell in love with her. OK, I already was in love with her. But isn't this more romantic? "Honey, let's go dodge stupid people together..."

Tagged (this is the hard part, because I don't read too many non-cooking related blogs):
1. shazza - because the girl has "random thoughts" already in her blog URL. And also she's great :)
2. ali blah blah - because she cracks me up with british humour and stories about her daughter
3. wil - because he has a thoroughly enjoyable blog that I'm glad I found. call me starstruck, I don't care. but seriously, his blog is cool and he seems like a cool guy.
4. laura - because I'm trying to keep her from writing her thesis. after all why should I be the only one procrastinating. Careful, sometimes she blogs in German!
5. finn - because she's the gf so I had to tag her. of course she's also great and hilarious and overall totally lovely. yeah. so that's why.


AliBlahBlah said...

Thanks for letting me know about my photos - blogger sometimes 'edits' my posts for me for no chuffing reason, shows how much I read my own blog! I'll have a think about the meme - the bit about the sex change thing cracked me up!! I'm not sure I can match that, but I'll give it a go....

Wyldth1ng said...

I am currently blaming you for my random ten things even though you didn't tag me, one of those that you tagged, tagged someone else who then tagged me, so you must be the one to blame at the moment.