November 14, 2007

wanted: my suit. the super one.

I was in full super-function mode yesterday and the day before. I did tons of little stuff that had to be done and conducted four interviews. It shall be duly noted however that I have still not done anything for my goddamned thesis. I also played some Need For Speed Underground as well as a lot of Sewer Run and Sewer Run 2. I also went to buy groceries today, a task that remains forever mine since finn hates shopping for food and gets so miserable about it that I can't bear to make her do it. Unfortunately however I'm now out of super-function mode, I've shed it somewhere along the way, and in no mood whatsoever to get something done. But today being deadline day I have no other choice. Damned be the 14th of each month!

If anyone sees my super-function suit please bring it back to me. I miss it dearly.

Me go write article now. Reluctantly.

Hm,.. maybe I'll go find something to eat first...

1 comment:

finn said...

I can do the shopping. and I did, often so, when you worked and I didn't so much...all I need is a list that is complete so I don't have to think of what to buy.
I don't wanna have to go through YOUR territory to find out what we need. also I don't know what we are going to eat the next days so I don't know what to buy...lists please and I'm much less miserable while shopping...