December 04, 2007

snow chains

I don't know what you people call it in English, but in Austria we call permanent braces snow chains - because that's just what you mouth looks like. Tomorrow, after about two-and-a-half years of trying to get my teeth straight with Invisalign, I will get proper braces. There will be no wriggling out of it this time, that much I understood. It all triggers three different feelings for me.

1. I'm frickin mad at myself for not having given in to this earlier, because it would have had way more effect that those stupid aligners. Effects in 6 months to 1 year? pffft.

2. I'm glad that I will probably be done with the whole thing in about another one-and-a-half years. at least that what my dentist said.

3. I'm scared stiff of how it will be and what I will look like. And also everyone knows: dentists always lie about how long you'll have to wear your braces. It always usually takes longer than they initially said.


LG said...

Snow chains! I guess the only thing I can think of is the good ol' nickname of Brace Face.

I always wondered how those Invisalign thingies worked ... I had the traditional braces. I was supposed to have them for two years, and I think it went about a month past that - so I was happy enough with it. I originally wanted the ones with the clear brackets, but my ortho said it would take longer with those. I opted for the shinier, faster method.

The good news is that it will go relatively quickly, and you can still kiss with them. At least I did, ha ha.

mcCutcheon said...

how does Invisalign work? it doesn't. well, to a certain extent it did work, but there's the point where nothing happens anymore and I've been there for months now.

I will get the clear ones I think. I asked for them and no one told me it would take longer that way. I just wish I hadn't had such a stupid dentist as a kid who convinced my parents that I didn't need braces. One look at my teeth would've been enough, even I knew I needed them and voiced that, but my parents though I just wanted to be like the other kids (yeah, I too sometimes wonder about where the heck they're living... fantasy land?).

anyhow, I'm less worried about the kissing as I've kissed ppl with braces before. I'm more worried about _other_ things...