December 19, 2007


What famous lesbian do you most closely resemble?
Your Result: Rosie O'Donnell

You're loud, brash, braizen and a little crazy. When it comes to your opinion you, you don't hold back. Life has been quite different since you came out of the closet and thank god, because you are a staunch defender of the gays!

Portia Di Rossi

Ellen Degeneres

Tammy Lynn Michaels

Melissa Ethridge

K D Lang

Katherine Moennig

Jackie Warner

What famous lesbian do you most closely resemble?
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this is wrong in so many ways. so many. and I'm gonna go hide now.
edit: quiz idea stolen slash shared from LG
edit 2: ok, something went wrong here with the results graph. but I'm not inclined to take that lying, horribly wrong test again. grrr... tammy lynn... wtf?


LG said...

My little chart thingy was all jacked up too ... I had to go back and get the code again. Bleh. Sorry about the Rosie prize, lol.

Shazza said...

And Portia Di Rossi was the second closest!


ritu said...

eeks that has to be wrong.. no one can be rosie o'donnel. Don't hide Andie, it is just all wrong.