February 29, 2008

completely useless post about american idol

I like American Idol. This is actually the second season we've been watching from the beginning. Just now we put the second result show on and I realised that I already do not want to see ANY of the girls go. I have my favourites, but I already like all of them. I absolutely love Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook (every week she gets through I am relieved for that horse she's gonna buy back), Alexandrea Lushington is really cool too (edit: and going home I just found out, damn she was sooo much better than Amanda) and I think Kady Maloy is a lot better than she's getting credit for. And then there's also our favourite irish gal Carly Smithson... damnit, I'm tempted to name them all, because basically they're all good. (I have no clue yet, maybe some of my favourites are not even in the race anymore as I'm writing these lines.)

With the guys it's a lot easier, like last year they're a lot less impressing than the girls: I like Michael Johns and Jason Castro, David Archuleta is not only the best I've seen so far this season, he's also this adorable cutie that you just want to cuddle. Oh my... why do I love this show so much?

edit: I hate that they are doing this equal chance for guys and girls thing in the first weeks. so many good girls have to go during that time and so many mediocre guys stay in the competition. meh... I probably shouldn't be so invested in this.

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