February 12, 2008

money makes the frickin' world go round

I know this is a weird thing to complain about, but I'm actually making too much money at the moment. I earned a "lot" (as in a lot for a theoretically full-time student) in December, thinking I'd earn a lot less in January considering I'd work only 3 instead of 5 days a week. well, I actually managed to bring in even more. now while that is all very fine in theory it also brings me into tax hell - if I exceed a certain annual limit the percentage I have to pay goes up and away. Fine, I could probably even live with that but even more importantly if I exceed a different limit in the first half of 2008 (or the whole year if I take longer for my thesis) I could lose my family allowance and that would seriously suck. aaaaaaaaagh! I hate the money game... it's just so complicated what with the damn state taking almost half of it.

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