March 01, 2008


my body and I aren't exactly the best of chums. which is why I decided to do this meme as seen on laura's blog.

Should you exercise more? Hell yeah. I've been sitting on this sofa far too long now. But in three weeks time I will be handing in my thesis (will will will, must must must) and I plan to start training regularly, have my ankle and my arm looked at again by my osteopath.

What concerns you most about your body? Besides my arm, my ankle and my back hurting - all the excess body fat I've accumulated bothers me. But what really really bugs me is that even my thighs have put on a bit of fat. and my thighs are usually great. hrmpf... stupid thesis, and stupid lack of discipline...

Do you like your body? occasionally. it seriously depends on my overall well-being. so right now is not a good time to ask me that.

…other people’s bodies? uhm... yeah. why wouldn't I? I mean, almost all bodies have their beauties, whether I personally see them or not.

What part of the body is the most important in the other sexe? other sex - shoulders, I love finely carved, somewhat muscular shoulders and backs. same sex: upper arms, thighs and... erm.. boobs. I gotta admit I'm into boobs, all kinds all sizes. nothing bad about that

If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? That it constantly keeps crashing into things and having weird accidents (with bikes and walls and tables and cupboards), hurting itself in the course, ending up with chronic pains like that in my arm and my ankle.

Something else you wanted to say? I seriously need a massage though.

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Maria said...

Wouldn't it be great if we really could get past each other's bodies? I like to think that I can, but honestly....if someone has a huge ass or a bad complexion, a bulbous nose or is obese, I notice. I don't deliberately treat them badly (because...hey...I am so far from perfect myself) but I do notice. I want to be the kind of person who doesn't even notice.