March 07, 2008

death's been held up

I'm not a role player - I do like RPGs, I just never get around to properly playing - but I still think that xkcd did a really great strip today about DnD-Creator Gary Gygax who died this past week. The strip even beats all other references by role players I saw on various blogs this week.


Zoe said...

That is brilliant. If there is one thing about D&D, it's that you always spend time arguing about the rules every time you play.

Here's a tribute from a comic I read call Order of the Stick.

mcCutcheon said...

omg, this is genius. and I don't even play. oder of the stick just secured a place on my daily comic list :)

Zoe said...

This site, 20 Sided is also pretty funny. I particularly like the DM of the Rings.

If you start reading Order of the Stick, you should start way back at strip number 1.

Thomas J. Brown said...

I tried to comment earlier, but the popup wouldn't appear!

I wanted to say that I agree with you. The only other sites I saw that did a remotely good job were Penny Arcade and Questionable Content.