April 24, 2008


Just to make this clear first: i love all my american blog-peeps.

That being said, when it comes to voting americans as a people kinda suck. I mean... Dubya? And now american idol... Carly and syesha, two of the 3 best singers this week on the bubble and carly going home. This is ridiculous! America, is it comfortable sitting on your ears? Gaaah! I'm gonna go sulk now.

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LG said...

Let me also remind you that Sanjaya survived for-EV-er last season.

This is why I don't watch; it seems completely inauthentic to me.

Zoe said...

The worst part of the whole situation, in my opinion, is that more people vote for AI than do for the President. And that's how we ended up with George fucking Bush in the White House.