May 29, 2008

Food Meme by L.

L. tagged me with her food meme and since I am hungry AGAIN at the moment I'll do it.

What’s your favorite dish
I really don't know. There's too much. I like pasta, in all manifestations. And I like gratins. And one-pot-dishes. And burgers. Fish and (salt & vinegar) chips. Coleslaw. See, I told you. No can decide.

Your least favorite dish?
I don't like it when paprika is cooked. I don't much care for kale, and offering me fennel or celery is equal to chasing me away with a stick. And I don't eat entrai

Chocolatey. Yoghurt if I go for lighter stuff.

Decoration for table?
Food. Lots and lots of food. Other than that: placemats, plates, napkins, salt. And since we eat at the couch table a lot while watching shows: all the other stuff that happens to be lying around on the couch table.

What is essential for a good meal?
Someone who enjoys cooking it.

Are your a good cook?
Yup, I like to think so.

- meme developed by L. -

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