May 19, 2008

Women and health

Last week a 30-year old women admitted to me that she's never been to a gynacologist and isn't planning to go anytime soon. That woman has given birth to a son she hadn't known she was pregnant with and she's had one miscarriage. She knows she should be getting regular check-ups but simply doesn't.

A friend of mine needs me to kick her ass to the gyn half the time. Or at least has needed me to, she's willing to go now that she found a lesbian doctor - somehow this matters to her. As long as she goes....

These two examples are inexplicable to me. I just had one of my bi-annual check-ups and already arranged for the next one in december while i was there. Of course there are a few more pleasant things than having your vagina pried open with a steel instrument, but if that's what ensures i stay healthy from clit to uterus then that's what i'm gonna subject myself to twice a year. It won't kill anyone to get their boobs professionally "groped", but e.g. breast cancer will.

So for fuck's sake, get your check-ups, girls!

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